St. Charles FC & DME Academy Team Up For Northern Ireland Super Cup

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DME Academy in Sarasota and St. Charles FC recently announced a groundbreaking club-to-club partnership. This partnership, aimed at fostering collaborative pathways and enriching experiences for their top-tier players, is already making plans to conquer the biggest stages in youth soccer.

Today, the first step in that collaboration is being taken. The 2010 boys’ teams from DME Academy and St. Charles FC will team up for a Summer experience overseas. DME Academy’s 2010 boys, who currently boast an impressive 9-0 record in the Elite Academy League and hold the top spot in the Southeast Conference, have joined forces with St. Charles FC’s 2010 boys. The St. Charles team is equally impressive, with a 5-1 record and a second-place standing in the Mid-America Conference.

The Target: The Northern Ireland Super Cup

The teams are gearing up to participate in one of the most prestigious youth soccer tournaments in the world: the Northern Ireland Super Cup, scheduled for this summer. This tournament brings together elite youth soccer teams from all over the globe for a highly competitive experience. The teams will meet for the first time at the EA Showcase in December in Lakewood Ranch, FL. The boys will be selected based on availability, positional needs, and coach decisions. The team will be led by St. Charles FC, DOC, and Head Coach Sean Hart in the summer of 2024. Additionally, the boys will get together for some bonding time at a club cookout/dinner to get to know each other off the field. Both boys teams are highly competitive and the players share a passion for development.

“We are excited to see how this plays out. The boys are competitive. We anticipate there will be a lot of interest from across the groups on participation within this event and with 15-18 roster spots it’s going to be a battle for those opportunities. Regardless, it’s good to get the kids training with different players, different styles of play, and skill sets.” says Hart

The teams will continue on with their club season and potentially reconnect in June for an on-site training program during the Elite Academy National Finals in St.Louis. This preparation will gear the teams up for the Northern Ireland SuperCup.

The club-to-club partnership between DME Academy and St. Charles FC marks the beginning of an exciting journey for these young athletes. It demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation in the world of youth sports – where many club battles and politics exist. The upcoming Northern Ireland Super Cup will not only be a showcase of talent but also a testament to the dedication of these two clubs to provide their players with the best opportunities for growth and success.