With the launch of USL Academy, the United Soccer League now has an elite youth platform to offer to its clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.

As such, these clubs can now develop a more clearly defined path for top youth prospects in their area to reach the professional level and sign directly with their senior team while improving local quality and community.

The USL Academy brand is composed of four key components: Standards, USL Academy Contracts, USL Academy Cup and USL Academy League. Learn more about the USL Academy here.


                    SAINT CHARLES FC - USL ACADEMY

For Saint Charles FC, the launch of our USL Academy pathway will serve as a developmental building block in between our youth program and senior Men USL2 and Women’s USLW teams. Our club model within the USL Academy will consists of four key components:

  • Pathway -  A complete full club pathway from our Juniors Academy to Saint Charles FC senior men (USL2) and women’s (USLW) teams.
  • Training Environment – Emphasis on long term player development, overseen by qualified staff and relevant support structures (Qualified coaching staff, Game Film, Sports Psychology, Sports Performance)
  • Programming – Structured programming and games schedule designed with a purpose with player development and periodization in mind.
  • Club Connectivity – Connecting our youth program to USL Academy, USL2, USLW


Program Details

USL Academy - U18-U19
-Two team practices a week (Winter)

-Three team practices a week (Spring)

-Fitness testing (Winter, Spring)

* This program does not conflict with high school soccer. 


-Elite Academy League

-USL Academy Cup

-Elite Academy League Showcase 

-USL Academy League (selected players)

-USL Two Senior Men’s team (selected players)

-USL W Senior Women’s team (selected players)  



Contact Sean Hart - Sean.Hart@stc2020fc.com