Juniors Academy Phase 1 (U6-U8)

Phase 1 Program - Creating a Desire to Play
Phase 1 Program, designed to cultivate a love for the game, foster teamwork, and build fundamental skills in a positive and supportive environment. This program introduces players to a team setting, the Saint Charles FC curriculum, and sets the foundation for a lifelong passion for soccer.


Creating a Desire to Play:

  • Introduction to a team environment.
  • Exposure to the Saint Charles FC curriculum.
  • Cultivation of passion for the game.

Teamwork and Fundamental Building:

  • Emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.
  • Continued development of fundamental soccer skills.

Positive Environment:

  • Supportive and encouraging atmosphere for all players.

Juniors Academy Director and Saint Charles FC Staff:

  • All teams will benefit from training led by our Juniors Academy Director and Saint Charles FC staff, ensuring consistent and high-quality coaching.

Program Structure:

  • One practice per week during Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Winter practices will take place indoors.
  • Local league play during Fall and Spring seasons.

For More Information Email - Ken.Cooksey@stc2020fc.com